Applications to Enrol

Any person who wishes to enrol at the University must submit an application to enrol by the relevant deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline may be accepted if space is available. Apply online at www.waikato.ac.nz/study/enrol/ or application forms are available from the Student Centre or online. Academic advice is available through the individual Faculties or School of Study.

Standard Application Deadlines
  Monday 4 December 2017 for papers that commence during Summer School 1 (3 January 2018 to 16 February 2018)
  Monday 12 February 2018 for papers that commence during semester A (26 February 2018 to 22 June 2018)
  Monday 2 July 2018 for papers that commence during semester B (9 July 2018 to 2 November 2018)
  Tuesday 23 October 2018 for papers that commence during Summer School 2 (5 November 2018 to 14 December 2018)

Selected Programme Application Deadlines
The following programmes have application deadlines that differ from the standard deadlines:
  Friday 1 December 2017 for new students for Teacher Education programmes. Applications received after this date will be considered if there are spaces available.
  One month prior to the start date of the programme for Corporate and Executive Education programmes
  One month prior to the intended start date of the thesis for thesis enrolments

Enrolment Dates

Enrolment is not complete until a signed enrolment agreement confirming the intended method of payment of fees option has been received by the University. Students must accept online or sign and return their enrolment agreement by
  Monday 11 December 2017 for papers commencing 4 January 2018 to 17 February 2018
  Friday 23 February 2018 for papers commencing 26 February 2018 to 22 June 2018
  Friday 6 July 2018 for papers commencing 9 July 2018 to 2 November 2018
  Friday 2 November 2018 for papers commencing 5 November 2018 to 14 December 2018
  the Friday prior to the start date of a Corporate and Executive Education programme
  the Friday prior to the start date of a thesis enrolment
Enrolments received after these dates, if accepted, will be subject to a late enrolment charge (see the Table of Fees and Charges).

Programme Advice and Planning

The Future Students Recruitment Office assists students who are unfamiliar with the University or who require assistance to plan their programme of study. Prospective students can obtain information from the Student Centre by phoning 0800 WAIKATO or (07) 838-4007, or emailing recruitment@waikato.ac.nz. Alternatively this can be done in person by calling in to the Hamilton campus (Level 3 of the Gateway Building), in Tauranga at Windermere, or the Auckland Office, which is based at 21 Putney Way, Manukau City, Auckland.

The Future Student Recruitment Advisers represent the University at regional careers expos, secondary school career evenings, and other events throughout New Zealand and overseas. They provide comprehensive information, personal advice sessions and campus tours, which are available by appointment. An Open Day and several information sessions are held on campus throughout the year, and details are available on request. Students can explore a range of options - undergraduate study, postgraduate study, bridging courses and pathways programmes including those that target women, mature students and Māori. Prospective students will also receive information on the range of academic and support services that are available.

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