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Centre for Continuing Education

The Centre’s principal objectives are to

  1. encourage community education and development throughout the University’s region by direct programme provision and consequent social action, and by the advisory and consultative activities of Centre staff
  2. provide learning opportunities for individual growth and development as well as programmes that foster Māori development, self-determination, and self-sufficiency within a community education framework
  3. serve as an educational resource base, primarily within the University’s region but also to a limited extent nationally
  4. support and facilitate lifelong learning
  5. conduct or encourage research into aspects of continuing education.

In fulfilling its objectives the Centre is guided by principles of equity and a philosophy of learning which

  1. create learning opportunities for people who previously have had limited involvement in tertiary education
  2. value the life experiences of participants
  3. assist participants to understand and change their environment
  4. recognise the importance of open entry
  5. address current social issues, Treaty of Waitangi issues, and the Treaty’s role in this country.

The Centre for Continuing Education provides a public service. It acts as a vehicle to publicise and disseminate University research and knowledge. Equally, the Centre acts as a link for the community to seek information and knowledge particularly relevant to individual, local, regional and national needs. Members of the staff have a professional responsibility as adult educators. This involves identifying needs for programmes in continuing education and organising them.

Throughout the area it serves, the Centre will respond to appropriate requests which may be made directly or channelled through community or iwi groups.

Programmes organised by the Centre for Continuing Education are administered independently of the internal courses covered in the Calendar. Each semester publicity material is printed to cover courses, seminars and workshops offered in Hamilton and the regional area. Copies of programmes are available on application to the Centre. With the exception of the Certificate of University Preparation, no specific educational qualifications are required in order to attend the courses offered.

The Centre for Continuing Education also publishes the proceedings of some seminars and courses, as well as workbooks for use as adult learning resources.

The Centre for Continuing Education also offers a diverse range of Professional Development programmes developed to meet the needs of the Waikato business community. These programmes are offered as public sessions and specialised in-house presentations.

The Centre for Continuing Education also offers a range of bridging courses for adults returning to study, for intending credit course students who are unfamiliar with the university environment and for students intending to enrol or upskill in science.

In addition, the Centre offers the one semester Certificate of University Preparation for English speaking students who do not meet NCEA entry requirements to university. Further details of these programmes are found under the Foundation and Bridging Programmes section of this Calendar, or can be obtained from the Centre for Continuing Education.

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