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Table of Fees and Charges

Students should also refer to the Regulations Governing Payment of Fees and Charges.


Tuition and Resource Fees
Domestic tuition and resource fees are available from the Student Information Centre in The Gateway and are published in the online Catalogue of Papers. Fees for international students are available from the International Centre.

Payment by Semester
1.   These provisions for payment of tuition and resource fees by semester do not apply to students who pay by Student Loan.
2.   Unless the tuition and resource fees are being paid by Student Loan, a student who enrols for more than one semester may elect to pay tuition and resource fees by semester.
3.   Payment dates are prescribed for each of the semesters, namely the S (Summer School) semester, A semester and B semester.
4.   The tuition and resource fees for a particular paper fall due on the payment date for the semester in which teaching for that paper starts.
5.   Students who have made arrangements to pay by semester and who discontinue any of their papers remain liable for all payments as they fall due, unless they submit an application to delete the relevant paper by the prescribed deadline (see the Change of Enrolment Regulations).
6.   All fees and charges other than tuition and resource fees fall due as part of the students’ first payment.
7.   A surcharge of 10% will be levied on any fees outstanding after a given payment date.

Charges (GST inclusive)

Admission Applications
Provisional/ Discretionary Entrance $50.00
Special Admission $50.00
Admission (see the Admission Statute 2005)
  – at entrance level $50.00
  – from an overseas institution into a university programme $50.00
DLit and DSc applications $1100.00

Library Fines and Charges
Administrative charge for non-returned, lost or damaged material, additional to the cost of replacement or repair $10.00
Approved Borrower’s fee (per annum)
  – life members of the University of Waikato Alumni Association $50.00
  – others $100.00
Replacement charge for lost or damaged Approved Borrower’s card $10.00
Replacement charge for a barcode removed from a Library book $4.50
Fines for late return of books
  – for a Course Reserve issued for use within the Library
$2.00 per hour or part thereof
  – for a book issued on short term loan (three or seven days)
$3.00 a day
  – for a book not returned by the due date shown on the recall notice
$3.00 a day
  – all other cases, 25 cents a day

1. The maximum fine charged for any single overdue book or any single failure to respond to a recall notice within the required period specified in sections 10(1) and 10(2) of the Library Regulations 2004 shall be limited to $30.00.
2. Library fines and invoices may be paid at the Circulation Desk.
3. Borrowing facilities will be withheld from students and Approved Borrowers whose fines at any time exceed $5.00, and from other Library borrowers whose fines exceed $50.00.
4. The borrower has the right to appeal to the Vice-Chancellor against any fines imposed, and such appeal shall proceed as the Vice-Chancellor determines.
5. These fines and charges shall apply to all Library borrowers.

Miscellaneous Services
Application for credit $50.00
Application for credit from overseas study prior to enrolment $100.00
Application for cross-credit from a completed degree $50.00
Application for approval to take papers elsewhere for a Waikato qualification  
  – within New Zealand $50.00
  – overseas $50.00
Reinstatement of enrolment after cancellation $50.00
Charge for issuing replacement cheque $18.00
RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)
  – Challenge Examination (per paper) $200.00
  – Administration fee (per application) $50.00

Examination Charges
Review of grade under the Assessment Regulations 2005 - per paper $50.00

Scripts, Transcripts and Certificates
Replacement identity card $10.00
Academic transcripts
  – first copy $10.00
  – each additional copy or if faxed on behalf, if requested at the same time as the first copy $5.00
Replacement degree/diploma or other qualification certificate $100.00
All other official letters of certification $10.00
Resubmission of thesis (MPhil & PhD) $100.00

Late Enrolment Charges
Charge after deadline to complete enrolment (see Enrolment for the prescribed deadlines after which this charge applies) $100.00

Student Discipline Appeal Charges
Appeal to the Pro Vice-Chancellor against a discipline decision under the Student Discipline Regulations 2004 $50.00
Appeal to the Council against a discipline decision under the Student Discipline Regulations 2004 $200.00

International Students Refund Administration Charge
Refund of pre-paid tuition fees administration charge (see International Students for the Pre-Paid Tuition Fees Policy) 10%

Other Charges
Building levy $24.00

Note: A refund of the building levy may be claimed by any student who has previously paid a full levy five times or more within the preceding ten years at this University or any other university in New Zealand. Applications for a refund must be made to the Director, Student and Academic Services Division, on the appropriate form not later than 31 July 2006.
Campus Services Ltd levy $24.00
Waikato Students’ Union Fee TBA
Health and Counselling levy

Domestic Students
  – full year $63.00
  – one semester or Summer School only $36.00

International Students
  – full year $81.00
  – one semester or Summer School only $54.00
Students enrolled in distance education or at the University of Waikato at Tauranga campus will pay the counselling portion of the levy only. International Students enrolled at the Language Institute are exempted from the Health and Counselling Levy. NET students are also exempted from the levy.

Student Health Service User Charges
Domestic Students without a Community Services Card (per consultation) $15.00
Language Institute International Students where no Health and Counselling Levy has been paid (per consultation) $40.00

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