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Campus Services Limited

Campus Services Limited (CSL) is a joint venture company of equal shareholding between the Waikato Students’ Union and The University of Waikato. The principal objectives of the company are the establishment and maintenance of facilities for the benefit of students and staff at The University of Waikato.

CSL Services and Facilities
The day to day management of CSL is effected through a General Manager responsible to a Board of Directors. CSL contracts out space to the catering operators in the School of Education, Student Union, Eastside, Oranga buildings and shops. Other buildings managed, wholly or partially, by the company are the Don Llewellyn Sports Pavilion, the Students’ Union Building, the Shops, the Cowshed, and the Uni Rec Centre. All enquiries regarding any of these buildings can be directed to CSL reception, phone (07) 838-4442.

Rooms for Hire
Rooms in the Students’ Union Building and the Don Llewellyn Sports Pavilion are available at a charge (internal or external), however there is no charge for official University clubs. All bookings can be made at CSL reception in the Students’ Union Building.

Sport and Recreation
All sport and recreation facilities on campus are available for both student and community use. Facilities are user pays, but students qualify for discounted charges at competitive rates. CSL manages the University’s commitment to sport and recreation. This commitment extends to club support, high performance athlete assistance, the Blues Awards, the Battle of the Bombays, the international rowing event known as the ‘Gallagher Great Race’, and other University sporting events.

Uni Rec Centre
The Uni Rec Centre’s aim is to provide quality opportunities to participate in activities. The extensive programme of activities includes:

  • Social sports, both indoor (volleyball, soccer, netball and basketball) and outdoor (touch, soccer, tennis)
  • Personal training and exercise consultancy with qualified trainers
  • Over 40 invigorating and diverse exercise classes per week
  • Activity courses such as yoga, kickboxing, pilates, fat loss management and dance
  • Massage and physiotherapy

The $1.5 million invested in facilities and equipment over the past four years has resulted in an exciting and motivating new-look Uni Rec Centre. The facilities include squash courts, a sports hall, aerobics and circuit room, weights room, cardio area, stretch balcony, activities room and meeting room. The sports hall, activities room and meeting room are available for hire. For further information contact the Uni Rec Centre, Gate 1 Knighton Road, phone (07) 838-4177, email, website

Campus Pool
The complex includes a 50 metre outdoor leisure pool and a dive pool. The season operates from December to March. Gate 4, Hillcrest Road.

Don Llewellyn Sports Pavilion
The Pavilion is the building by the tennis courts and sports fields off Silverdale Road at Gate 3B. The Pavilion is the home of official University sports clubs and its bar provides an avenue for clubs on campus to socialise. It is also available for functions, 21sts and fundraisers with student discounts being available on hireage. Netball and tennis courts, squash courts and the fields form part of the Pavilion facilities. For further information contact the Clubs Development Officer on (07) 838-4463 or email

The Campus Cafés
There are eight cafés on campus offering a wide variety of food and drink:

  • Momento Café - located in the shops
  • Bongo Café - located upstairs in the Oranga building
  • Oranga Foodcourt - three cafés located downstairs in the Oranga building
  • SOE Café - located in the centre of the School of Education
  • Cafédemic - located in the Waikato Management School
  • The Station Café - located on the east side of Hillcrest Road

Clubs on Campus
A number of clubs are based at the University of Waikato including cultural clubs, traditional sports, thrill seekers, and water sports. Clubs Day during Orientation Week provides the best opportunity to see the wide range of clubs on offer and meet other club members. For further information phone (07) 838-4463, email, website

High Performance Sport and Culture
The University is committed to supporting high performance athletes and performers across all disciplines and aims to provide opportunities for students to excel in both academic and sporting/performing arts endeavours. The High Performance Manager can offer assistance to students trying to balance their training, competitions and study and is available for liaising with academic staff, scholarship providers and sporting bodies. For further information phone (07) 838-4264 or email

Into Active NZ
Into Active NZ are based on campus and offer opportunities for increased activity and improved wellness for University staff. Sport or activity challenges can be organised within Schools/Faculty, between Departments or other organisations. These programmes include team energisers, orienteering and the Into Active Rowing Experience. Into Active Wellness includes the Step It Up Challenge and the Step It Up Programme. For further information phone (07) 838-4462 or email

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