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Information and Technology Services

Information and Technology Services (ITS) is an organisation within the University of Waikato that provides and promotes effective vision, planning, development, management and use of technology and information within the University. ITS provides the expertise and resources needed to develop and support computing, telephony, research, teaching and administration activities of the University. Some of ITS services are operated on a cost recovery basis. ITS comprises: Campus Computers, Client Support Services, Information Systems, Infrastructure, Waikato Print and Web Team.

Campus Computers, which now includes the ITS workshop provides a centralised point for all IT related procurement and IT workshop activities. The primary activities are to establish standards for purchasing and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the University. Campus Computers provides the University community with an easy and effective central point of purchasing and repair for all IT related products.

The Client Support Services team consists of Teaching Technology and the Help Desk. Teaching Technology focuses on the use of technology to enhance the University's teaching activities. It is responsible for the lecture theatre facilities, language laboratories and audio and video recording studios. The central ITS Help Desk provides support to the University for information technology related matters, including the Information Commons in the Library, while Distributed Consultants within the schools offer support to their individual areas.

The Information Systems Group provides systems analysis and data management, system support and programming services in support of the administrative functions of the University.

Infrastructure provides support to the University community by way of programming services, communications technology (including networks, internet, phone and cellphone), computing hardware and software operation, planning, implementation and maintenance of the computer network, both on and off campus

Waikato Print, including Campus Photography, provides a range of printed products and related services to both the University community and local businesses. Waikato Print has invested heavily in developing a sophisticated digital print network that offers job creation, file management and Print on Demand. Waikato Print is now widely considered to be a market leader in the field of digital printing, and has won international awards for its work. In addition to its printing activities, Waikato Print has a chain of retail operations known as Campus Copy. These stores offer a range of graphic services to all University users as well as members of the public.

The Web Team provides services for the website and the people who contribute to the site. The Web Team develops Internet systems, is responsible for a variety of site administration duties, and provides consulting and support for the University.

Information and Technology Services is located in the ITS building, adjacent to the Gate 1 car park.

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