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WaikatoLink Limited is the commercialisation and technology transfer office of the University of Waikato.

All academics should be aware that their research may be commercially valuable. The value may be lost if the research is not evaluated for commercialisation prior to being published. WaikatoLink can advise on how to disclose, and thereby protect, the intellectual property from research prior to publishing the work.

Commercialisation of technology involves taking the technology resulting from research along a path to a commercial outcome. WaikatoLink facilitates technology transfer to achieve commercial potential. The technology resulting from research can be in many different forms e.g. software, hardware, a process, a piece of technology or know-how. External funding may be required to enable development of the technology to a commercial outcome. Funding can be provided by WaikatoLink itself, commercial partners, or by investors, including venture capitalists. The outcome of commercialisation can be the outright sale of the technology, licensing of the technology, the formation of a spin-off company, or a joint venture with a commercial partner. WaikatoLink’s commercial managers can advise on the commercialisation potential of technology.

WaikatoLink is located in the Core Facilities Building on Level One of the Waikato Innovation Park, on Ruakura Road. For more information phone (07) 858-5172, fax (07) 857-0781 or go to the website

The Hothouse

The Hothouse is WaikatoLink's Technology Development Unit; it is primarily focused on undertaking further development work on inventions and research ideas and taking them through to a stage where they are market-ready or investor-ready. The Hothouse places students in a commercial environment which focuses them on these commercial tasks under the experienced guidance of WaikatoLink's commercial managers.

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