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Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSocSc)

1.   Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Social Sciences must enrol and follow an approved programme of study in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for at least three years.
2.   The programme of study for the degree comprises 360 points at Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4, including 240 points above Level 1 and 80 above Level 2.
3.   Candidates must complete the requirements of a major subject or specified programme.
  The major subjects for the degree are:
      Asian Studies
      Education Studies
      Human Development
      Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management
      Labour Studies
      Māori and Pacific Development
      Political Science
      Public Policy
      Social Policy
      Tikanga Māori/Māori Cultural Studies
      Tourism Studies
      Women's and Gender Studies
  The Specified Programmes for the degree are:
      Cognitive Science
      Politics, Philosophy and Economics
      Resources and Environmental Planning
4.   To complete the requirements of a major subject, candidates must gain 150 points in that subject, including 120 points above Level 1 and 60 points above Level 2. Candidates must also meet any specific or additional requirements prescribed for the relevant major in the corresponding subject entry in the Calendar.
5.   To complete the requirements of a specified programme, candidates must pass the papers prescribed for that programme as set out in the Calendar.
6.   Candidates must also complete the requirements of a supporting subject by gaining 70 points in that subject including at least 40 points above Level 1.1
7.   Every programme of study must include at least 35 points in the methodology papers listed in the appendix to these regulations, with at least 20 points above Level 1.
8.   Candidates may take a maximum of 150 points in papers from outside the subjects and specified programmes listed in section 3 of these regulations.
9.   Candidates must gain 60 points at Level 1 before enrolling for papers above Level 1.
10.   Candidates must gain 90 points at Level 1 and Level 2 before enrolling for papers above Level 2.
11.   The Personal Programmes of Study Regulations Governing Bachelors Degrees apply in these regulations and include provisions for the variation or waiver of these regulations in individual cases by the Academic Board or delegated authority.
1.   The requirements of a supporting subject are satisfied within the overall specified programme requirements of Cognitive Science, PPE and Resources and Environmental Planning.

Methodology Papers
ECON204 Quantitative Methods for Economics and Finance
GEOG228 Information Technology and Cartography
GEOG301 Research in Human Geography
HIST206 Historical Methodologies
LBST202 Labour Market Structures and Policies
LING231 General Linguistics
PHIL103 Critical Reasoning
PHIL208 Understanding Science: How and Why it Works
POLS100 Playing Politics: Conflict, Cooperation and Choice
POPS303 Analysis of Social Policy Issues
PSYC208 Psychological Research: Analysis, Design and Measurement
PSYC307 Research Methods
SSRP202 The Practice of Social Science Research
SSRP301 Social Science Research in Practice: Sharing the Experience
SSRP304 Qualitative Methods in Social Science Research
SSRP307 Techniques for Social Science Research: Quantitative Analysis

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