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Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Tourism (BTour)

1.   Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Tourism must enrol in the Waikato Management School if enrolling in the Hospitality Management or Tourism Management majors, or in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences if enrolling in the Tourism Resources, Impacts and Planning major, and follow an approved programme of study for at least three years.
2.   The programme of study for the degree comprises 360 points at Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4, including at least 240 points above Level 1 and 80 points above Level 2.
3.   Candidates must pass the compulsory papers prescribed in the appendix to these regulations.
4.   Candidates must complete the requirements of a major.
  The major subjects for the degree are:
      Hospitality Management
      Tourism Management
      Tourism Resources, Impacts and Planning
5.   To complete the requirements of a major subject candidates must gain at least 120 points above Level 1 in that subject, including 60 points above Level 2. The requirements for each of the major subjects are set out under the relevant subject entry in the Calendar.
6.   Candidates may count a maximum of 110 points from subjects outside of those prescribed as major subjects for the degree.
7.   Candidates must gain at least 75 points at Level 1 before enrolling for papers at Level 2.
8.   Candidates must gain at least 120 points at Level 1 and 60 points at Level 2 before enrolling for papers above Level 2.
9.   The Personal Programmes of Study Regulations Governing Bachelors Degrees apply in these regulations and include provisions for the variation or waiver of these regulations in individual cases by the Academic Board or delegated authority.

Compulsory papers
ECON100 Business Economics and the New Zealand Economy
MSYS121 The World of Electronic Commerce
SPLS102 Concepts of Leisure
TOMG100 Tourism Product Design and Pricing
TOMG101 Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality
TOST100 Introduction to Tourism Studies
TOST203 Tourism in Society
TOMG390 Directed Study
TOST390 Directed Study

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