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Centre for Research in Animal Biology

In 1993 the University of Waikato, the New Zealand Pastoral Agricultural Research Institute Ltd (AgResearch) and the Dairying Research Corporation Ltd (DRC) jointly established a Centre for Research in Animal Biology. This agreement formalises the strong ties which have linked the University with the Ruakura Agricultural Research Centre since the University’s establishment in 1964, particularly through the involvement of a large number of students in postgraduate research on agricultural topics.

Two independent research organisations, AgResearch and the DRC, are established on the Ruakura campus, and are charged with research in animal biology. Research conducted in those organisations, and at the University, is to a major extent funded by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology. Closer links between these organisations will be to their mutual benefit.

The Centre for Research in Animal Biology seeks to encourage University students, staff members and research fellows to undertake study and research in association with scientists of AgResearch and the DRC. Members of the Centre have access to the facilities of all three campuses, and study at any of these campuses may be credited to fulfilment of the requirements for award of degrees and diplomas of the University. Senior scientists in AgResearch and the DRC contribute to several lecture courses in the Department of Biological Sciences and supervise a number of graduate and postgraduate students.

The Centre aims to attract students into the animal biology field, to attract visiting lecturers and research workers, and to promote awareness of animal biology in the general community.

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