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The Faculty and Schools of Studies

The University comprises the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and the Schools of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Education, Law, Management, Māori and Pacific Development, and Science and Engineering.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers a wide range of qualifications from the pathway Certificate of University Preparation through to postgraduate research. Subjects taught within the Faculty include the Social Sciences, the Humanities, the performing arts and a number of languages. The six undergraduate degrees offered are the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Sciences, Bachelor of Communication Studies, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Tourism and Bachelor of Liberal Studies. The Faculty’s graduate programmes include Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours, Bachelor of Communication Studies with Honours, Bachelor of Music with Honours, Master of Arts, Master of Arts (Applied), Master of Applied Psychology, Master of Environmental Planning, Master of Music, Master of Social Sciences and a number of specialist graduate and postgraduate diplomas. MPhil and PhD research degrees are offered across a range of Arts and Social Sciences subjects. As well as the expertise gained in their specialist areas, graduates of the Faculty are equipped with essential skills including literacy, communication, reasoning, research, a theoretical and practical understanding of people and society, and a broad knowledge of culture, society and history. Further information is available on the Faculty website:

The School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences provides a stimulating and leading-edge environment of quality relevant teaching programmes and world-class research, producing graduates well-fitted for the challenges of the contemporary and future workplace. In the 2004 Performance-Based Research Funding (PBRF) assessment the School was ranked the top Computing and Mathematics School in New Zealand on the basis of its research performance, and the Computer Science and Mathematics departments were each ranked top in their respective subject groups.
The School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences offers the four-year Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, the three-year Bachelor of Science and the three-year Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design (in conjunction with the Wanganui UCOL School of Design). The BCMS and BSc provide majors in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, which prepare students for a range of the many professions that depend on these three disciplines. The BCMS may be awarded with Honours. Students can also study towards a four-year Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering within the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences in conjunction with the School of Science and Engineering. Advanced degrees offered within the School include the Bachelor of Science (Honours), the two-year Master of Science, and the Doctor of Philosophy. One-year graduate and postgraduate diploma programmes are also available. Further information is available on the website:

The School of Education provides degree programmes in Education and Sport and Leisure Studies. Undergraduate programmes in teacher education lead to the award of the Bachelor of Teaching and Bachelor of Teaching with Honours degrees, while students already holding a degree may apply for a one-year Graduate Diploma of Teaching programme. Education Studies and Human Development papers also provide opportunities for the critical study of learning and the processes of education and schooling to students both within and outside the School of Education. Graduate and postgraduate qualifications are offered both for qualified and experienced teachers and for students training for related professions in the broader education sector. In addition to a range of postgraduate diplomas the School offers masters degrees in Education, Special Education, Educational Leadership and Counselling, as well as the degrees of Doctor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy. Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate qualifications in Sport and Leisure Studies are also offered. Further information is available on the website:

The School of Law provides an innovative, student-focused Bachelor of Laws degree in a stimulating academic environment. The School’s founding goals of professionalism, biculturalism, and the study of law in context attract an exciting and diverse group of staff and students. The Law School remains at the forefront in integrating the teaching of law and technology into its LLB degree, and in providing sophisticated information technology for students. The School of Law is also at the cutting edge in preparing students for real-life practice of law by its integration of practical skills in the degree.
The Law Honours degree is designed to provide academically able students with the opportunity to pursue advanced legal research. Law can also be combined with a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Sciences, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Management Studies degree in a conjoint programme. The School offers two LLM programmes, MPhil, PhD, SJD, and LLD degrees, and, in conjunction with the Waikato Management School, the Graduate Diploma in Dispute Resolution. Further information is available on the website:

Throughout its 35 years, Waikato Management School has distinguished itself among New Zealand business schools by the relevance and rigour of its education and research, and its belief that business and enterprise are most successful when they improve the communities, societies and nations in which they operate. The School’s commitment to inspiring the world with fresh understandings of sustainable success are achieved through high quality research; excellent teaching; consulting with business; extensive international connections; and the knowledge and values that graduates take into the workforce.
The latest Tertiary Education Commission’s 2004 Performance Based Research Funding (PBRF) report ranked the School first in both the Management, and Accounting and Finance categories.
The School is proud that the quality of its research-led education has been independently endorsed by the world’s leading three accreditation agencies: the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB); Association of MBAs (AMBA); and European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS). Together these accreditations are known as the Triple Crown, and it puts the Waikato Management School in a select group of leading business schools worldwide. Less than 1% of business schools globally have earned this distinction of excellence.
The Waikato Management School offers a portfolio of qualifications ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate certificates, diplomas and degrees. The Bachelor of Management Studies is a comprehensive four-year degree that is highly ranked by employers. The Bachelor of Electronic Commerce degree offers students a sound mix of management and technical skills while the Bachelor of Communication Studies teaches students strategic and creative communication solutions. The Bachelor of Tourism focuses students on developing a responsive approach to the needs of the tourism industry and the new Bachelor of Business Analysis - Finance is a specialised three-year degree that focuses on the quantitative areas of management. The Waikato Management School offers Honours degrees to top students, graduate and postgraduate diplomas across 27 subject areas and Masters degrees in Management Studies, Electronic Commerce and Business Administration. Further information is available on the website:

The School of Māori and Pacific Development offers programmes in Māori language and linguistics, culture, customs, creative, and performing arts, Treaty of Waitangi and development studies. Papers offered in the School lead to the award of the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Māori and Pacific Development with a major in Māori and Pacific Development, Te Reo Māori, or Tikanga Māori. Te Tohu Paetahi is a BA and BMPD programme taught through the medium of Māori with the first year devoted largely to the learning of te reo Māori. The School also offers the Master of Arts, Master of Māori and Pacific Development, and a number of graduate and postgraduate certificates and diplomas. In addition, students can prepare for university study in Te Tīmatanga Hou and in the Huarahi Māori stream of the Certificate of University Preparation. These bridging programmes are designed primarily for Māori to provide the academic foundation needed for success in degree level study. There is a strong, and growing, research culture and students may pursue research at masters and doctoral levels (for which a number of scholarships are available) as well as benefiting from opportunities to contribute to the School’s externally funded research and development contracts. Further information is available on the website:

The School of Science and Engineering offers a range of innovative programmes for the undergraduate degrees of Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science, and the Bachelor of Science (Technology). The Bachelor of Engineering may be awarded with Honours. Graduate degrees offered include the Master of Engineering, Master of Science and Master of Science (Technology), as well as a range of diplomas. Over 104 students are enrolled in Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The School also operates 12 academic centres and units including the Honey Research Unit, the Centre for Science and Technology Education Research, and the Carbon Dating Unit. Further information is available on the website:

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