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U Leisure

U Leisure designs and delivers leisure experiences that enrich communities in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty. We are committed to designing products and services that are engaging, sustainable and promote wellbeing. U Leisure is a joint venture charitable company, equal shareholders are the Waikato Students’ Union and the University of Waikato

We deliver strategic leisure services to the community and the University of Waikato, including:

  • Management of key recreation assets such as the Rec Centre, retail units, sport grounds and courts and the University of Waikato Swimming Pool.
  • Management of all University of Waikato Sports Clubs
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship Programme
  • Staff Wellness Programmes
  • Iconic events such as The REV Cycle Festival, The Great Race and Round the Bridges

The Rec Centre

The Rec Centre is a student and local community resource set on University of Waikato grounds. Our team of fitness, well-being and sport experts is dedicated to making a difference to the lives of people that make up our diverse community. Our environment is friendly, supportive and genuinely inclusive. All our customers have different goals - some are striving for high performance or training for an event, some are getting on top of weight loss, turning their heart health around or wanting to feel generally fitter in their day; and others are recovering from an injury, learning to live with MS or Parkinson’s, or just making good use of our sports hall and squash courts. As knowledgeable practitioners, we can help you realise your potential or unlock your energy for life.

For more information, visit the Rec Centre at Gate 1, Knighton Road, Hamilton. Email [email protected], phone (07) 838-4177, website: www.reccentre.co.nz.

Sports on Campus

U Leisure offers opportunities to students to get into sports; whether this is as a high performance athlete or a social exerciser.

For more information, email [email protected], website: http://uowsport.org.nz.

University of Waikato (UoW) Sports Clubs

UoW Sport provides an umbrella framework to University of Waikato sports clubs, representative teams and individual athletes. Clubs include traditional sports such as rugby, netball, hockey, soccer, rowing and cricket, and other less traditional clubs such as snow, ski and alpine, scuba and handball.

Sports Facilities

Fields, Touch, Rugby and Soccer

The University of Waikato fields are the biggest of any New Zealand University. They cater for a range of recreation and sporting activities, including social sport and the home fields of the University of Waikato Rugby Football Club, Unicol Soccer Club and Hamilton Cricket Association.

Cricket Nets

There are three cricket nets available for use, situation by the Sports Pavilion. These are run by the Hamilton Cricket Association. To make a booking, call the Hamilton Cricket Association’s Office on phone (07) 856-6009 or email Hannah Beatson on email [email protected].

Courts - Netball, Tennis and Squash

There are five tennis courts during the summer months (reduced to two over winter) and four floodlit netball courts during winter. Two squash courts are available at the Sports Pavilion via 24 hour key access. Keys are available from the Rec Centre.

University of Waikato Swimming Pool

The swimming pool complex includes a 50 metre outdoor leisure pool and dive pool The season operates from December to the end of March each year and the pools are accessible through Gate 4, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton.

Social Sport

Hamilton’s largest social sport league takes place on the UoW campus. Social Sport offers Indoor and Outdoor leagues. Sports include netball, soccer, touch and ultimate frisbee. Teams play teams of similar level. Leagues run in 6 week blocks year round. For more information, visit our website www.socialsport.co.nz or email us on [email protected]

High Performance Sport and Performing Arts

The University is committed to supporting high performance athletes and performers across all disciplines and aims to provide opportunities for students to excel in both academic and sporting or performing arts endeavours.

The High Performance Sport Manager can offer assistance to students trying to balance their training, competitions and study, is available for liaising with academic staff, scholarship providers and sporting bodies, and provides support to all Hillary Scholars.

For more information, phone (07) 838-4264 or email [email protected].

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness is recognised internationally as being an integral part of work-life balance. The University Wellness programme managed by U Leisure is focused on empowering staff to make informed healthy life choices. This is achieved through annual activities such as Step It Up Challenge, Eat Well Programme and Wellness Focus.

For more information, visit the Workplace Wellness website: www.staffwellness.co.nz, or email [email protected].

Sport Events

U Leisure is responsible for providing some of the city’s largest events, including the REV Cycle Festival, Gallagher Great Race, the Great Race Ball, Round The Bridges and the New Zealand Youth Games.

For more information, visit our website: www.uleisure.co.nz

Asset Management

U Leisure leases space on campus to a variety of catering operators, businesses and groups. It also manages space in a number of buildings, including: Faculty of Education Cafe, Student’s Union Building, Eastside, Oranga, Cowshed, Campus Shops, Rec Centre and the Don Llewellyn Sports Pavilion.

For more information, visit our website: www.uleisure.co.nz