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WaikatoLink is the commercialisation office and an industry partnering agent for the University of Waikato. WaikatoLink works with the Research Office to extend the University’s impact and value to the commercial environment by managing the development and licensing of intellectual property, and by connecting researcher expertise with industry through contract research and consultancy.

WaikatoLink aims to make it as easy as possible for companies to work with the University and places strong emphasis on forming commercial partnerships as early as possible. To us, the commercialisation of ideas isn’t just about making a deal, it is about investing in long-term relationships to ensure benefits to all involved.

WaikatoLink’s goal is for the University of Waikato to be recognised as the partner of choice for the creation and development of valuable ideas and opportunities. As the greatest value is created when people across the organisation collaborate, we enthusiastically encourage, enable and support teamwork within the University to achieve this goal.

Services available from WaikatoLink to support the University include: provision of support and advice on early stage idea development; the commercial assessment of ideas and subsequent investment in ideas with commercial potential; market research; technical development; IP analysis and patenting; engagement with industry partners who have an interest in ideas being developed within the University; deal brokering; identification of industry problems and opportunities that align with University expertise; contract development; creation and management of spin out companies; sourcing of investment and development funding; training courses in idea communication and partnering with industry; support for the communication of researcher capabilities via videos, websites and social media.