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Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

1.   The Personal Programmes of Study Regulations apply in these regulations.
2.   Candidates for the Degree must have qualified for admission to the University of Waikato and met any criteria set out in the Criteria for Admission to Particular Qualifications.
Requirements for the Degree
3.   The normal minimum period of enrolment for completion of the Degree is four years.
4.   Candidates must enrol in the Faculty of Law and follow an approved programme of study.
5.   Candidates must gain 480 points at 100, 200, 300, and 400 levels, including at least 360 points above 100 level and 240 points above 200 level. Candidates may take a single major in Law or a first major in Law and a second major in a subject from another Faculty or School of Studies.
LLB with a Single Major in Law
6.   Candidates must pass the following papers:
  6.1   Law 1
  (a)   LAWS103 Legal Method (20 points)
  (b)   LAWS106 Legal Systems and Societies (20 points)
  LAWS107 Constitutional Law (20 points)
  (c)   60 points at 100 level in subjects other than Law, including 30 points at 100 level in a single subject from outside the Faculty of Law.
  6.2   Law 2
  (a)   LAWS203 Jurisprudence (20 points)
  LAWS204 Contracts (20 points)
  LAWS206 Administrative Law (20 points)
  LAWS207 Torts (20 points)
  (b)   40 points above 100 level in a subject from outside the Faculty of Law.
  6.3   Law 3
  (a)   LAWS301 Crimes (20 points)
  LAWS305 Corporate Entities (20 points) or LAWS426 Commercial Transactions (20 points)
  LAWS306 Dispute Resolution (20 points)
  LAWS307 Land Law (20 points)
  LAWS308 Equity and Succession (20 points)
  (b)   20 points at 400 level in Law.
  6.4   Law 4
  120 points at 400 level in Law.
LLB with a First Major in Law and a Second Major in a Subject from Another Faculty or School of Studies
7.   Candidates must pass the papers listed in sections 6.1(a), 6.2(a), and 6.3 of these regulations and must complete 80 points at 400 level in Law.
8.   Candidates must also pass the requirements of an approved major from another Faculty or School of Studies, as prescribed in the relevant subject entry in the University of Waikato Calendar.
9.   Candidates may not enrol for Law 2 until they have passed Law 1, and may not enrol for Law 3 until they have passed Law 2.
10.   Candidates who have completed the requirements for the award of a bachelors degree prior to enrolment for the degree of Bachelor of Laws may apply to the Dean of the Faculty of Law for exemption from the non-Law component of the Bachelor of Laws degree as set out in sections 6.1(b) and 6.2(b) of these regulations. Such candidates may take Law 1 and Law 2 concurrently.
11.   The Dean or delegated authority may waive these regulations in individual cases.