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Regulations for the Certificate of University Preparation (CUP)

1.   Candidates for the Certificate should normally have completed Year 13 in a New Zealand Secondary School or its equivalent.
2.   Every candidate for the Certificate must be accepted by the Director of the Waikato Pathways College.
Requirements for the Certificate
3.   The normal minimum period of enrolment for completion of the Certificate is one semester full-time or its equivalent in part-time study. All study should be completed within one academic year.
4.   Candidates must enrol in the Waikato Pathways College and follow an approved programme of study.
5.   Candidates must gain 60 points, including any compulsory papers.
6.   Candidates must complete the requirements of a stream, as set out in the appendix to these regulations. The programme of study must include 30 points from the compulsory papers listed under Part A and 30 points selected from the papers listed under Part B for the stream the candidate is enrolled in. Candidates may, on the basis of academic advice and approval, be permitted to choose elective papers from the other stream.
7.   The Director or delegated authority may vary or waive these regulations in individual cases.
General Stream
Part A: Compulsory Study Skills Papers
CUPR001 Introduction to Study Skills (15 points)
CUPR002 Introduction to Critical Thought and Expression (15 points)
Part B: Elective Papers
CAFS004 Bridging Calculus (15 points)
CAFS005 Bridging Statistics (15 points)
CAFS006 Bridging Accounting (15 points)
CAFS007 Bridging Economics (15 points)
CAFS014 Bridging Psychology (15 points)
CUPR003 Bridging Arts (15 points)
CUPR004 Bridging Social Sciences (15 points)
CUPR005 Bridging Biology (15 points)
CUPR006 Bridging Chemistry (15 points)
CUPR007 Bridging Physics (15 points)
CUPR008 Bridging Mathematics and Statistics (15 points)
Huarahi Māori Stream
Part A: Compulsory Study Skills Papers
CUPR021   Huarahi Māori Introduction to Study Skills (15 points)
CUPR022  Huarahi Māori Introduction to Critical Thought and Expression (15 points)
Part B: Elective Papers
CUPR023 Huarahi Māori Bridging Government and Society (15 points)
CUPR025 Bridging General Science (15 points)
CUPR026 Te Huarahi Bridging Māori (15 points)