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Regulations for the Graduate Certificate (GradCert)

1.   The Personal Programmes of Study Regulations apply in these regulations.
2.   Candidates for the Graduate Certificate must have
  (a)    qualified for a bachelors degree of the University of Waikato or a qualification considered by the Academic Board to be equivalent, or
  (b)    demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Academic Board that they have adequate training, experience, and ability to proceed with the proposed programme.
3.   In exceptional circumstances, based on academic merit and relevant experience, candidates who do not meet the requirements of section 2 of these regulations may be considered for admission subject to the completion of any qualifying papers the Academic Board may prescribe which must be completed either prior to or concurrently.
Requirements for the Graduate Certificate
4.   The normal minimum period of enrolment for completion of the Graduate Certificate is one semester.
5.   Candidates must enrol in a Faculty or School of Studies and follow an approved programme of study.
6.   Candidates must gain 60 points at 100 level or above, including at least 40 points at 300 level or above, in the Graduate Certificate subjects.
7.   Candidates must gain at least 40 points from one of the subjects listed in Schedule A.
8.   The Graduate Certificate subjects are
    Schedule A
      Accounting (GradCert(Acc))
      Animal Behaviour (GradCert(AniBeh))1
      Anthropology (GradCert(Anth))
      Applied Computing (GradCert(AppComp))
      Biochemistry (GradCert(Biochem))1
      Biological Sciences (GradCert(BioSc))
      Biotechnology (GradCert(Biotech))1
      Chemistry (GradCert(Chem))
      Chinese (GradCert(Chin))
      Computer Graphic Design (GradCert(CGD))
      Computer Science (GradCert(CompSc))
      Creative Practices (GradCert(CreatePrac))
      Creative Technologies (GradCert(CreateTech))
      Design Media (GradCert(DesignMedia))
      Earth Sciences (GradCert(EarthSc))
      Economics (GradCert(Econ))
      Education Studies (GradCert(EdSt))
      Electronic Business (GradCert(EBus))
      Electronic Commerce (GradCert(ECom))1
      Electronics (GradCert(Elec))
      Engineering (GradCert(Eng))1
      English (GradCert(Engl))
      Environmental Planning (GradCert(EnvPlan))
      Environmental Sciences (GradCert(EnvSc))1
      Ethics (GradCert(Ethics))
      Finance (GradCert(Fin))
      French (GradCert(Fren))
      Geography (GradCert(Geog))
      German (GradCert(Germ))
      History (GradCert(Hist))
      Hospitality Management (GradCert(HospMgt)1
      Human Development (GradCert(HumDev))
      Human Resource Management (GradCert(HRM))
      Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management (GradCert(IR&HRM))
      International Languages and Culture (GradCert(IntLang&Culture)
      International Management (GradCert(IntMgt))
      Japanese (GradCert(Jap))
      Labour Studies (GradCert(LabSt))
      Law (GradCert(Law))
      Linguistics (GradCert(Ling))
      Management (GradCert(Mgt))
      Management Communication (GradCert(MgtComm))
      Māori and Pacific Development (GradCert(MPD))
      Māori Cultural Studies/Tikanga Māori (GradCert(Tikanga))
      Māori Language/Te Reo Māori (GradCert(ReoMāori))
      Māori Media and Communication (GradCert(MāoriMedia))
      Marketing (GradCert(Mrkt))
      Materials and Processing (GradCert(Mat&Proc))
      Mathematics (GradCert(Math))
      Music (GradCert(Mus))
      Philosophy (GradCert(Phil))
      Physics (GradCert(Phys))
      Political Science (GradCert(PolSc))
      Population Studies (GradCert(PopSt))
      Psychology (GradCert(Psych))
      Public Policy (GradCert(PP))
      Public Relations (GradCert(PR))
      Screen and Media Studies (GradCert(SMSt))
      Social Policy (GradCert(SocPol))
      Sociology (GradCert(Socy))
      Spanish (GradCert(Span))
      Sport and Leisure Studies (GradCert(SpLS))
      Statistics (GradCert(Stats))
      Strategic Management (GradCert(StratMgt))
      Supply Chain Management (GradCert(SCM))
      Theatre Studies (GradCert(TheatSt))
      Tourism Development (GradCert(TourDev))
      Tourism and Hospitality Management (GradCert(THMgt))
      Tourism Management (GradCert(TourMgt))1
      Tourism Studies (GradCert(TourSt))
      Women's and Gender Studies (GradCert(WomGenSt))
      Writing Studies (GradCert(WritSt))
    Schedule B
      English as a Second Language
      Pacific Studies
      Treaty of Waitangi Studies/Akoranga Te Tiriti o Waitangi
9.   The Graduate Certificate awarded will be endorsed in the subject in which at least 40 points are gained.
10.   The Dean or delegated authority may vary or waive these regulations in individual cases.
1.   A Graduate Certificate is not offered in this subject in 2013.