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Centre for Māori and Pacific Development Research (CMPDR)

The strategic goal of the Centre for Māori and Pacific Development Research is to uphold the University’s commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi by becoming a centre of research excellence capable of fostering and facilitating the self-determination, self-governance and development efforts of indigenous peoples in New Zealand, Australia, and Pacific Rim countries generally. Its research and development activities will be supported and extended through research scholarships, and through the provision of opportunities for emerging scholars to conduct doctoral and post-doctoral research. The Centre aims to form strategic alliances with institutions involved in relevant research activities both within New Zealand and overseas. It also aims to conduct research in collaboration with staff of these institutions, provide an advisory service, and facilitate the dissemination and publication of research and development findings. The Centre works to facilitate academic exchanges, conferences, hui, seminars and convocations. The Centre is also committed to working in the community, particularly on Waitangi claims and resource management issues. In cooperating to support and conduct research and to provide research scholarships, the Centre will build upon the University’s existing reputation for excellence in research on Matauranga Māori, Te Reo Māori, Tikanga Māori, Māori and Pacific Development, and comparative indigenous studies.

For more information, visit the website: www.waikato.ac.nz/smpd/departments/cmpdr.