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The University of Waikato - Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato
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Important Dates
Principal Dates
Teaching and Assessment Periods

University Overview and Charter
The University of Waikato
The University of Waikato at Tauranga
The Faculties and Schools of Studies
The University of Waikato Charter
The University's Commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi

Staff and Honours
The Council
The Academic Board
Former Chancellors of the University of Waikato
Former Vice-Chancellors of the University of Waikato
Honorary Doctors of the University of Waikato
Recipients of the University of Waikato Medal
Emeritus Professors
Honorary Fellows of the University of Waikato
Staff of the University

The University of Waikato Delegation of Powers Statute
Vice-Chancellor's Special Powers

Admission, Enrolment and Fees
Admission Statute
Criteria for Admission to Particular Qualifications
English Language Requirements for Admission
Limitations Statute
Change of Enrolment Regulations
Regulations Governing Payment of Fees and Charges
Table of Fees and Charges
International Students
Intermediate Programmes

Research, Assessment and Graduation
Student Research Regulations
Ethical Conduct in Human Research and Related Activities Regulations
Dissertations and Theses Regulations
Assessment Regulations
Policy on the Use of Māori for Assessment

Qualification Regulations
Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates Statute
Personal Programmes of Study Regulations
Bachelors Degree Regulations
Bachelors Degree with Honours Regulations
Masters Degree Regulations
Higher Degree Regulations
Certificate Regulations
Diploma Regulations
Undergraduate Diploma and Certificate Fields
Enrolment for Individual Paper Credit (IPC)

Schedule of Papers
Prescriptions for Papers
Papers by Subject (Catalogue of Papers)
The University of Waikato at Tauranga
Summer School Papers
Off Campus Papers
Articulation Agreements and STAR Papers
Pathways Programmes
Work Placements

General Regulations and Policies
Student Discipline Regulations
Student Complaints Policy
Scholarships Office
Computer Systems Regulations
Library Regulations
Parking and Traffic Regulations
Miscellaneous Regulations

General Services
The University Library
Information and Technology Services
Student and Academic Services
Waikato Pathways College
The Research Office
U Leisure
Waikato Students' Union
Golden Key International Honour Society
University of Waikato Foundation

Research Institutes, Centres, Units and Groups
Research Institutes
The Environmental Research Institute (ERI)
The Institute for Business Research (IBR)
The Institute of Educational Professional Learning and Development
The National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis (NIDEA)
Te Kotahi Research Institute for Innovation, Well-being and Inspiration (IWI)
Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research (WMIER)
Research Centres
Centre for Biodiversity and Ecology Research (CBER)
Centre for Environmental, Resources and Energy Law (CEREL)
Centre for Global Studies in Education (CGSE)
Early Years Research Centre
International Centre for Terrestrial Antarctic Research (ICTAR)
The Maori and Indigenous Governance Centre
Centre for Maori and Pacific Development Research (CMPDR)
Mediarena Centre for Research
The National Centre of Litercy and Numeracy for Adults
Centre for Open Software Innovation (COSI)
Technology, Environmental, Mathematics and Science Education Research Centre (TEMS Education Research Centre)
Waikato Centre for Advanced Materials (WaiCAM)
Research Units and Groups
Audience Research Unit (ARU)
Canadian-NewZealand Studies Unit (CNZSU)
Coastal Marine Group (CMG)
Learning Behaviour and Welfare Research Unit (LBWRU))
Maori and Psychology Research Unit (MPRU)
New Zealand Music Research Group
Public History Research Unit (PHRU)
Text and Translation Research Unit (TTRU)
Thermophile and Microbial Biochemistry and Biotechnology Unit (TRU)
Traffic and Road Safety Research Group (TARS)
Waikato Applied Statistics Unit
Waikato Engineering Education Research Unit
WAND Network Research Group

Academic, Consultancy and Service Units
Analytical Chemistry Services
Waikato DNA Sequencing Facility
Waikato Mass Spectrometry Facility
Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory
Waikato Stable Isotope Unit