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Key to Paper Codes

From 2018, new five-letter paper code subject prefixes are being introduced. In 2018, all 100 and 200 level papers and some higher level papers use the new five-letter paper code prefixes. All papers will use five-letter paper code prefixes from 2019.

Codes within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

ANTH ANTHY Anthropology
APPL APLNG Applied Linguistics
  ARTSC Bachelor of Arts papers
CRPC CREAT Creative Practices
  DANCE Dance
ESLA ENSLA English as a Second Language
ESOC ENVSO Environment and Society
ENVP ENVPL Environmental Planning
  SSART Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences core papers
  ASWRK Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Work Placement papers
GEOG GEOGY Geography
HDVP HDVPY Health Development and Policy
INTL INTLC International Languages and Cultures
LBST LABST Labour Studies
LING LINGS Linguistics
PHIL PHILO Philosophy
POLS POLSC Political Science/Public Policy
POPS POPST Demography/Population Studies
PSYC PSYCH Psychology
RELS STREL Studies in Religion
SMST MEDIA Screen and Media Studies
SOCP SOCPY Social Policy
SOCY SOCIO Sociology
SOCW SOCWK Social Work
THST THSTS Theatre Studies
WGST WGSTS Women's and Gender Studies
WRIT WRITE Writing Studies

Codes within the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

CGRD DSIGN Computer Graphic Design
COMP COMPX Computer Science
MATH MATHS Mathematics
ISCS   Security and Crime Science
STAT STATS Statistics

Codes within the Faculty of Education

Note: Papers with the subject prefix TE are available only for students enrolled in a Faculty of Education teacher education programme.
  ADLNG Adult Learning
  EDART Arts Education
ALED   Arts Education/Language and Literacy Education
  COUNS Counselling
  DLRNG Digital Learning
  DINST Disability and Inclusion Studies
MBED EDUCA Education
DSOE   Education/Educational Leadership
PCSS EDSOC Education and Society
PROF EDLED Educational Leadership
  ENVED Environmental Education
  GLOBE Global Studies
  HMDEV Human Development
HDCO   Human Development/Counselling
  LLTED Language and Literacy Education
  MAOED Māori Education
MSTE MTHED Mathematics Education
  SCIED Science Education
STER   Science, Technology and Environmental Education
  THEDR Te Hononga School of Curriculum and Pedagogy papers
  TOEDR Te Oranga School of Human Development and Movement Studies papers
  TWEDR Te Whiringa School of Educational Leadership and Policy papers
TEAL TEEDU Teaching conjoint papers
TEDE TEPRO Teaching practicum papers
TEHD TEACH Teaching core papers
TEMB   Teaching
TEMS   Teaching
TEPC   Teaching
TEPS   Teaching
TESP   Teaching
  TECED Technology
THED   Education/Language and Literacy Education/Mathematics Education
TOED   Counselling/Disability and Inclusion Studies/Education/Human Development/Sport, Health and Human Performance
TWED   Education/Education Studies/Educational Leadership

Codes within the Faculty of Health, Sport and Human Performance

SPLS HSHUP Bachelor of Sport, Health and Human Performance papers
  CMYHE Community Health
  HPSCI Human Performance Science
  SDCOA Sport Development and Coaching

Codes within the Faculty of Law


Codes within the Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies

DEVS   Development Studies
MAOR MAORI Māori and Indigenous Studies/Māori Language/Te Reo Māori
MMAC   Māori Media and Communication
MPDV   Māori and Pacific Development
REOM   Māori and Pacific Development
TIKA   Māori Cultural Studies/Tikanga Māori
  PACIS Pacific and Indigenous Studies
TTWA   Treaty of Waitangi Studies/Akoranga Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Codes within the Faculty of Science and Engineering

  APHYS Applied Physics
  AQUAC Aquaculture
BIOL   Biological Sciences

Chemical and Biological Engineering

CHEM CHEMY Chemistry
ENCV ENGCV Civil Engineering
ERTH EARTH Earth Sciences
  BIOEB Ecology and Biodiversity
ENEL ENGEE Electronics
ENGG ENGEN Engineering
ENEV ENGEV Environmental Engineering
ENVS ENVSC Environmental Sciences
  MARIN Marine Biodiversity
ENMP ENGMP Materials and Processing
ENME ENGME Mechanical Engineering
  BIOMO Molecular and Cellular Biology
PHYS   Physics

Codes within the Waikato Management School

ACCT ACCTN Accounting
AGRI AGBUS Agribusiness
  DIGIB Digital Business
EXEC   Corporate and Executive Education
EXED EXPRO Corporate and Executive Education
EXLD EXPRO Corporate and Executive Education
EXPM EXPRE Corporate and Executive Education
EXSP EXSPP Corporate and Executive Education
  DIGIB Digital Business
ECON ECONS Economics
  ENTIN Entrepreneurship and Innovation
HRMG HRMGT Human Resource Management
INMG INMGT International Management
MCOM LCOMM Leadership Communication
MNGT MNMGT Management
MSUS MGSUS Management and Sustainability
MSYS MGSYS Management Systems/Electronic Business/Supply Chain Management
MKTG MRKTG Marketing
  PUBRL Public Relations
SCEN   Social Enterprise
STMG STMGT Strategic Management
  SCMGT Supply Chain Management
TOMG THMGT Tourism and Hospitality Management

Codes within the Waikato Pathways College

CAEL CRTEL Certificate of Attainment in English Language
CAFS CRTFS Certificate of Attainment in Foundation Studies
CUPR CRTUP Certificate of University Preparation

Key to Semester Codes

A Papers taught over weeks 9-25
B Papers taught over weeks 28-43
C, D, E etc.  Papers taught in periods which do not correspond with normal semester periods
S Papers taught over weeks 1-7
T Papers taught over weeks 45-50
Y Papers taught over weeks 9-43


Key to Location Codes

AKT Ako Tauhōkai
BLK Block
BTG Block (Tauranga)
HAM Hamilton (Hillcrest campus)
HOP Hopuhopu
NET Internet
NTG Internet (Tauranga)
SEC Secondary School
TGA The University of Waikato at Tauranga/Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

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