Library Regulations

  1. Title
      These are the Library Regulations 2007.
  2. Purpose

    These regulations provide a framework for use of the University Library and its resources.

  3. Date of effect

    These regulations are effective from 1 January 2008.

  4. Definitions

    In these regulations

        library means the Central Library, the Teaching Resources Library, the Law Library and the Tauranga Campus Library; which together comprise the University Library
        reader means all persons admitted to the Library under sections 7(1) and (2) of these regulations
        item means all types of Library material including, but not limited to, books, journals, laptops and AV material
        service desk means the Library desks situated in the Central, Teaching Resources and the Tauranga Campus Libraries.
  5. General
    1. Admission to the Library is conditional on observance of these regulations and such directions as may be given from time to time by the University Librarian. All readers are presumed to know these regulations.
    2. All members of the Library staff are empowered to enforce these regulations.
    3. Any infringement of these regulations by a reader may lead to the suspension of their use of the Library at the discretion of the University Librarian, or, where appropriate, to disciplinary action under the Student Discipline Regulations 2020.
  6. Hours of opening

    The Library is open at the times shown on the Library website. Any variation from these times will be displayed by the Library entrances, and on the Library website.

  7. Admission and borrowing
    1. Borrowing facilities are available to members of the University Council; Honorary Doctors, staff, retired staff, alumni and enrolled students of the University; staff and students of other tertiary institutions with whom a reciprocal agreement is in place; and other people whose applications have been approved by the University Librarian. An annual registration fee may apply.
    2. Other persons may be admitted to the Library for reference and private study in accordance with such arrangements as the University Librarian may, from time to time, determine.
    3. All students are registered as borrowers for the current year at enrolment once their computer accounts have been activated.
    4. Library account notifications are sent by email. Changes of email and postal addresses must be notified immediately either via MyWaikato. Failure to read email, or change email/postal addresses, will not be taken as an excuse for non-receipt of Library correspondence.
    5. All readers may be required to produce a valid identity card or other identification, acceptable to the University Librarian, at any time when requested by the University Librarian or by a Library staff member acting upon the authority of the University Librarian.
    6. No item may be borrowed from the Library without first having the loan properly recorded. An item to be borrowed must be presented, together with the borrower’s University of Waikato identity card, at the Service Desk or self-issue unit. The due date of return for each item borrowed will be indicated and is available online via the reader’s Library Account. See also section 10(1).
    7. No item will be issued at the Service Desk within 15 minutes of closing time.
    8. An item will not be issued in the name of another borrower. Any variation to this procedure requires the approval of the University Librarian.
    9. A borrower shall be held responsible for any loss of, or damage to, an item while borrowed in their name and will be required to pay the cost of replacement or repair, together with any fines incurred before reporting the loss, and an administrative charge. This administrative charge will be made whether or not the item is subsequently found or returned. Loss or damage should be reported immediately to the Service Desk or by email to [email protected] . The University Librarian shall determine the amount to be paid.
    10. At the discretion of the University Librarian, a payment made for a lost item may be refunded if the item is subsequently found and returned to the Library.
    11. Under no circumstances may an item be passed on to another borrower. Fines for resulting inability to respond to recall or overdue notices will be charged to the borrower in whose name the item is issued.
    12. Selected marked items are for use in the Library and may not be taken from the Library.
    13. Library items may be taken out of New Zealand only with the prior permission of the University Librarian. There are special procedures for university students living overseas.
  8. High Demand Collection
    1. Some items, because of heavy demand, are temporarily placed in a separate High Demand Collection. These items must be issued before being removed from the Collection.
    2. The period for which a High Demand item is available to any one borrower is limited according to the demand for the item, and only two items may be borrowed at a time from this collection.
    3. A charge per hour or part thereof may be made for the late return of a High Demand Item.
  9. Requests
    1. Borrowers may request items whether or not they are on loan.
    2. The number of active request items that may be submitted by any one borrower will be at the discretion of the University Librarian.
  10. Recall notices and fines
    1. All items are subject to recall at any time and must be returned to the Library by the due date shown on the recall notice, whether this is sent by email, SMS txt or by post. Failure to respond to a recall notice by the due date shown incurs a fine day the item is not returned after this date. Other disciplinary action may also be taken against a borrower who fails to return an item ten days after the recall notice was first sent.
    2. An item required simultaneously by a number of borrowers is issued for a reduced loan period. If this item is kept beyond the due date and time of return, fines will be incurred.
    3. A daily fine will be charged for any item, other than those referred to in sections 10(1) and (2) of these regulations, which is retained beyond the due date of return. An item not returned within six weeks of this date will be regarded as lost and the borrower will then be billed for the cost of the item, together with the fines incurred and an administrative charge. This administrative charge will be made whether or not the book is subsequently found or returned.
    4. The Library is not obliged to notify a borrower when an item is overdue, and a fine will automatically be charged for each item which is retained beyond the due date of return, whether or not a notice has been sent. Borrowers should monitor the status of their loans and fines via their Library account.
    5. Where fines or invoices remain unpaid, the penalties for non-payment, as set out in the Regulations Governing Payment of Fees and Charges in the University of Waikato Calendar, will be applied. In addition, Library services may be withheld.
  11. Electronic resources
    1. Electronic resources (e-resources) made available by the Library may be accessed only by staff and students of the University of Waikato. Students need to be enrolled in at least one paper in order to access electronic resources. The period of access before and after a paper starts or finishes shall be determined by the University Librarian.
    2. The electronic resources may be used only for the purposes of research, teaching or private study. Commercial use, defined as use for the purposes of monetary reward (but excluding use in the course of research funded by a commercial organisation) is prohibited.
    3. Most electronic resources are subject to Licences signed by the Library on behalf of the University. There are limits on the amount of information which can be copied or downloaded. Systematic downloading of content is not allowed, including by software such as website crawlers, harvesters or offline browsers.
  12. Inter-library loan

    An item obtained from another library on inter-library loan is subject to such special conditions as may be imposed by the lending library. A borrower not complying with these will have the privilege of using this service withdrawn.

  13. Conduct of readers
    1. Eating and drinking are permitted in most areas of the Library but drinks must be in closed containers and all rubbish must be placed in bins and any spills and crumbs cleaned up. Library staff will act on complaints or concerns from library users and/or where they see damage or potential damage to library property.
    2. Discussion and conversation is not permitted in designated Quiet Areas.
    3. Undue conversation or disturbance (including socialising, use of cell phones or video chat) in designated Study Areas is forbidden.
    4. No reader shall behave in a noisy or disruptive manner in the Library. Verbal abuse or rude behaviour towards Library staff or other Library users will not be tolerated. Such conduct is regarded as a serious offence, and action maybe taken under the Student Discipline Regulations 2020.
    5. Places in the Library may not be reserved by leaving items or other articles on seats or reading desks. Such material may be removed by Library staff to the nearest Service Desk.
    6. Readers are solely responsible for the security of their personal belongings whilst in the Library.
    7. Readers shall, when so requested by a member of the Library staff, present for inspection their bags and personal belongings as they leave the Library.
    8. Readers may be required to satisfy the Library staff that any item taken out of the Library has been properly issued, or is personal property.
    9. Readers must not misuse, damage or remove any item of furniture or equipment belonging to the Library. Such conduct is regarded as a serious offence, and action may be taken under the Student Discipline Regulations 2020.
    10. Readers must not mark or in any way damage items belonging to the Library. Such conduct is regarded as a serious offence, and action may be taken under the Student Discipline Regulations 2020.
    11. The unauthorised removal of an item is regarded as a serious offence, and action may be taken under the Student Discipline Regulations 2020.
  14. Fees, fines and administration costs

    The fees, fines and administration costs of the Library shall be determined from time to time under such arrangements as the University Council shall approve and shall be published annually in the Table of Fees and Charges section of the University of Waikato Calendar.