Sport and Wellbeing

The Sport and Wellbeing group manages and maintains the University's sport facilities, clubs and events and wellbeing services on campus for the benefit of the University of Waikato students and staff and the wider university community. This includes key recreation assets on the Hamilton campus (School of Education (SOE) gym, UniRec, sports grounds/courts and swimming pools, Wellbeing Hub and OMEN Esports Arena); plus key services across both campuses such as University Sports Clubs, Social Sport, Inter-faculty sport, Inter-tertiary sport, Inter-hall sport and supporting student and staff wellbeing programmes across both Hamilton and Tauranga campuses.


UniRec is a gym and recreational facility located on the University of Waikato Hamilton campus which caters for students, staff and community members. The team of fitness, rehab and sport experts is dedicated to making a difference to people's lives, helping them achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals. The environment is friendly, supportive and inclusive.

The facility includes Endless Pools™, squash courts, cardio and weights equipment, group exercise classes including yoga, a sports hall for court games and a general activity room. It also has a spin cycle studio and High Performance Room - equipped with everything required to help you perform in every facet of life.

For more information, visit the UniRec website:, or email: [email protected], or phone: (07) 838 4177.
Location: University of Waikato campus, Gate 1, Knighton Road, Hamilton.

Tauranga Campus - Gym and recreational facilities

Gym memberships for University of Waikato staff and students in Tauranga will be available through our partner gym providers. The Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre (QEYC) offers free drop-in sport and other social sport opportunities. Yoga and other activity options are also offered.
For more information, visit:, or email: [email protected].

Sports on Campus

Sport and Wellbeing offers many opportunities for students to get into sport; whether this is as a high performance athlete, being involved with sports clubs on campus or simply being a social exerciser. Our website shows how students can be involved with sporting events and tournaments which includes both social and competitive sporting fun and much more.

For more information, visit: Instagram: sportwaikatouni; or email [email protected].

University of Waikato (UW) Sports Clubs

University of Waikato sports clubs include traditional sports such as rugby, netball, basketball, hockey, football, rowing and cricket as well as other less traditional clubs including lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, snow and ski, and Parkour. For more information on UW sports clubs and community clubs, visit website:

For more information on UW sports clubs and community clubs, visit:, or email [email protected].

Social Sport

Hamilton's largest Social Sport league conveniently takes place on the Hamilton campus. Leagues run all year round, with indoor leagues taking place between March and October, and Outdoor leagues running from October until the following March. Indoor runs in six-week blocks, offering indoor netball, basketball and futsal. Outdoor runs for a full 14 weeks over summer, and offers touch and football. Teams play against those with similar ability and all teams are mixed gender.

For more information, visit:, or email: [email protected]

Students on the Tauranga campus will be supported to join a team into local social sport leagues. If interested, email [email protected].

Inter-Halls, Inter-Divisional and Inter-Tertiary Sport

Sport and Wellbeing offer many opportunities for students to represent their University Hall, University Division or the Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies and the University of Waikato. Inter-Hall Sport sees ten sporting tournaments throughout each year, run on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon on the Hamilton campus. These tournaments create a fun and friendly rivalry among the four University Halls in Hamilton.

Inter-Divisional Sport gives students an opportunity to play for their University Division or the Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies in a fun day of sporting competition with 6 events per year played in Hamilton and 4 events played in Tauranga.

Inter-Tertiary Sport provides an opportunity for competitive, high performing students to represent the University of Waikato at the University and Tertiary Sport NZ (UTSNZ) National Tertiary Championship events, which currently has ten different sporting events played all around New Zealand.

For more information, visit:, or email: [email protected]

Sports Facilities - Hamilton Campus

Fields, Touch, Rugby and Football

The University of Waikato fields are the largest of any New Zealand University. They cater for a range of recreation and sporting activities including the Social Sport outdoor league and act as the home fields of the University of Waikato Rugby Club, Unicol Football Club and the Hamilton Cricket Association.

For more information, visit:, or email: [email protected].

Cricket Nets

There are three cricket nets situated by the Sports Pavilion available for use. These are run by the Hamilton Cricket Association. To make a booking, call the Hamilton Cricket Association Office on (07) 856 6009, or email Janice Fraser: [email protected].

Courts - Basketball, Netball, Tennis and Squash

There are four tennis courts available on campus during the summer months (reduced to one over winter) and three floodlit netball courts available during winter. Two basketball courts are available all year round. Two squash courts are available at the Sports Pavilion via 24 hour swipe key access. Sign up for a squash court pavilion membership at UniRec to receive a swipe card. Once you are a member you can make a squash court booking here:, or email: [email protected] for more information about squash pavilion membership.

University of Waikato Swimming Pool

The outdoor swimming pool complex on campus includes a 50 metre leisure pool and a dive pool. The season operates from 1 December until 31 March each year. The pools are open December and January, seven days from 12pm-6pm. The pools can be accessed through Gate 4, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton and are free to UniRec members.

For more information, visit:, or email [email protected], or phone (07) 838 4335.

Sports Facilities - Tauranga Campus

The Tauranga CBD Campus is located close to the Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre (QEYC) and the Memorial Pool. Tauranga’s beaches, river and cycleways offer students and staff the perfect playground.

OMEN Esport Arena

The University of Waikato is committed to leading the way in esports in New Zealand. With the development of the OMEN Esports Arena, University of Waikato Esports Club, 2degrees Esports Scholarship, High Performance Team and tournaments and activities (managed by University of Waikato Esports Club), we are providing experiences and career pathways into the rapidly growing esports industry.
The OMEN Esports Arena is located inside the Wellbeing Hub at The Station, Hillcrest Road. For more information email: [email protected] or view:

Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub is a drop-in space on campus for students to relax and recharge between classes - have a cup of tea, play board games or even have a nap. University staff and students can enjoy an extensive activities calendar, mindfulness sessions, educational talks and creative play sessions - to support, connect and inform.
The Wellbeing Hub is located at The Station, 164 Hillcrest Road. For more information email: [email protected] or view:

High Performance Sport and Performing Arts

The University is committed to supporting high performance athletes and performers across all disciplines and aims to provide opportunities for students to excel in both academic and sporting or performing arts endeavours. The Student-Athlete Support Hub (SASH) staff can offer assistance to students trying to balance their training, competitions and study, and is available for liaising with academic staff, scholarship providers and sporting bodies.
For more information, phone: (07) 838 4264, visit: or email: [email protected].