Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Environmental Planning (BEP)

1.   The Personal Programmes of Study Regulations apply in these regulations.
2.   Candidates for the Degree must have qualified for admission to the University of Waikato and met any criteria set out in the Criteria for Admission to Particular Qualifications
Requirements for the Degree
3.   The normal minimum period of enrolment for completion of the Degree is four years.
4.   Candidates must enrol in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and follow an approved programme of study.
5.   Candidates must gain 480 points at 100, 200, 300, and 400 levels, including at least 360 points above 100 level, 240 points above 200 level and 120 points above 300 level.
6.   Candidates must complete the requirements of the specified programme in Environmental Planning as prescribed in the appendix to these regulations.
7.   Candidates must also complete the requirements of a planning stream, as prescribed for that stream in the relevant subject entry in the University of Waikato Catalogue of Papers.
8.   The Dean or delegated authority may vary or waive these regulations in individual cases.
Transitional Arrangements
9.   These regulations apply to all new applicants for the BEP from 2018. Students who enrolled in the BEP prior to 2018 may complete under the regulations listed in the 2017 Calendar.


Compulsory Papers

100 Level

ENVPL100 Introduction to Environmental Planning
ENVPL101 Future Cities
MAORI102 He Hīnātore ki te Ao Māori: Introducing the Māori World
and one of
ARTSC101 Indigenous Social Science Research
ARTSC102 Art in Context
ARTSC103 Rights and Reasons
ENSLA103 Undergraduate Research Writing for ESL Students
ARTSC105 Language in Context

200 Level

ENVPL200 Environmental Planning
ENVPL201 Introduction to Resource Management
ENVPL202 Cartography and Spatial Analysis
GEOGY209 Health, People, Place
GEOGY219 Māori Lands and Communities

300 Level

ENVPL300 Planning in Aotearoa New Zealand
ENVPL301 Planning for Sustainability
ENVPL302 Māori Resource Management
ENVPL303 Environmental Assessment and Policy
ENVPL304 Professional Planning Skills

400 Level

ENVPL401 Planning Theory
ENVPL402 Plan and Consents
ENVPL403 Planning Law
ENVPL404 Plan Making
ENVPL405 Professional Skills
ENVPL490 Directed Study (30 points)

BEP List

BIOEB102 Introduction to Ecology and Biodiversity
EARTH101 Introduction to Earth System Sciences
EARTH102 Discovering Planet Earth
ECONS101 Business Economics and the New Zealand Economy
ECONS102 Economics and Society
ENVSC101 Environmental Science
GEOGY103 Environment and Society
MAORI111 Te Reo Māori: Introductory 1
POLSC102 New Zealand Politics and Policy

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