Regulations for the Diploma in Engineering Professional Practice (DipEPP)

1.   The Personal Programmes of Study Regulations apply in these regulations.
2.   Candidates for the Diploma must have qualified for admission to the University of Waikato and met any criteria set out in the Criteria for Admission to Particular Qualifications.
Requirements for the Diploma
3.   The normal minimum period of enrolment for completion of the Diploma is three years, concurrent with enrolment in the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours.
4.   Candidates must enrol in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, or Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences and follow an approved programme of study.
5.   Candidates must gain 120 points at 200 level or above, including 75 points above 200 level and 45 points above 300 level.
6.   Candidates must complete ENGEN270, ENGEN570, ENGEN272 (30 points), ENGEN372 (30 points), 15 points from List A, and 15 points from List B.
7.   The Dean or delegated authority may vary or waive these regulations in individual cases.


List A

EXMBM511 People in Organisations
EXMBM512 Leadership and Change Management
EXMBM513Sustainability and Responsible Management
EXMBM532Managing Innovation and Value Creation

List B

EXMBM514 Economics and the Global Context
EXMBM521 Strategic Management and Decision Making
EXMBM522 Marketing Strategy
EXMBM523 Digital Business and Supply Chain Management
EXMBM524 Financial Analysis

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