Specialisations provide you with another opportunity to shape your qualification to your interests and needs. They can be used to broaden your knowledge, allow you to focus on an aspect related to your first major, or perhaps provide some cohesion to your elective papers in an area of interest to you. Specialisations meet all of the requirements for a qualification but provide for further specialisation in or beyond the major (bachelors degree) or subject (honours or masters degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, postgraduate certificate, or postgraduate diploma).

For more information and advice on how a specialisation might fit into your programme of study, talk to a Student Adviser in your Faculty.

Specialisations at degree level

Specialisations at degree level allow students to include complementary study within their overall programme of study. Specialisations available at degree level are:

Advanced Pedagogy BEd

Technology BEd

Specialisations at major or subject level

Specialisations at major or subject level allow students to focus in depth on a particular aspect of that subject. For example, within the International Languages and Cultures major, specialisations in Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish are available.
At postgraduate level, for example within the Education subject for the Postgraduate Diploma, specialisations in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education, eEducation, Global Studies in Education, Guidance and Pastoral Care, Māori Medium Teaching/Te Ropu Paerua, Middle Schooling Music Education, or Restorative Practices are available.

Specialisations available at major or subject level are listed under the subject entries in the Catalogue of Papers.

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