Research Institutes, Centres, Units and Groups

Research Units and Groups

Algal Biotechnology Group
Assessment Research Across the Years (ARAY)
Beijing Union University China-New Zealand Tourism Research Unit
Canadian-New Zealand Study Unit (CNZSU)
Coastal Marine Group (CMG)
Cyber Security Research Group (CROW)
Design Research Group (DRG)
Digital Library Group
Energy Informatics Group
Enterprise Innovation Unit
Formal Methods Group
Human-Computer Interaction Group
Information Systems and Databases Group (ISDG)
Lake Ecosystem Research New Zealand (LERNZ)
Leadership Unit
Machine Learning Group
Māori and Psychology Research Unit (MPRU)
Oceania Researchers in Cloud and Adaptive-systems (ORCA): Ohu Rangahau Kapua Aunoa
Responsible and Sustainable Management Unit
Thermophile and Microbial Biochemistry and Biotechnology Research Unit (TMBBU)
Transport Research Group (TRG)
Unit for Postgraduate Education Research (UPER)
Visual-video Research Interest Group
Waikato Applied Networks Dynamics (WAND)
Waikato Applied Statistics Unit
Waikato Biogeochemistry and Ecohydrology Research (WaiBER)
Waikato Engineering Education Research Unit (EERU)
Waikato Environmental Geochemistry Group (WEG)
Waikato Experimental Economics Lab (WEEL)
Waikato Gender Research Network (WGRN)
Waikato Picturebook Research Unit (WPRU)
Waikato Public Law & Policy Research Unit
Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory
Waikato Research Centre for Resilient Infrastructure and Sustainable Construction (WaiRISC)
Waikato Robotics, Automation and Sensing Group (WaiRAS)
Waikato UNWTO Tourism Observation Laboratory (INSTO)
Water and Resilience Research Group