Relational Learning Centre

The Relational Learning Centre will build on the theoretical understandings that were developed prior to and during the implementation of the Te Kotahitanga project, from 2001 to 2013. The focus of this project was to improve the educational outcomes for Māori students in mainstream classrooms and schools; thereby reducing the educational disparities that Māori people and the broader nation have struggled with for decades. In the Centre's activities, these understandings will be extrapolated to allow the development of a broad range of research-informed policy and practice responses to the educational disparities associated with the increasing ethnic and cultural diversity and consequent ongoing power imbalances within modern nations. These disparities are the result of inadequate system-level responses to the increasing demand for a significant voice in policy making and power-sharing solutions to educational disparities in education by marginalised populations of indigenous and minoritised peoples. The Centre will provide a setting wherein this dialogic process will provide a focus for the work of a group of national and international scholars in ways that will improve the educational experiences of students currently not well served by education. On the basis of such dialogue, the centre will seek to attract further funding and world-class researchers to allow for the development of further iterative, theory and evidence-based, research and development education reform initiatives, so as to make a significant contribution to the socially-just advancement of Indigenous and minoritised peoples.

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